How to Get Hextech Keys in League of Legends

how to get keys in league of legends

How to Get Hextech Keys in League of Legends

Wait… I just got a Hextech Chest. Where did this come from? How do I open this thing? How do I get a Hextech key?

Nowadays, if you’re playing a video game, chances are it includes loot. League of Legends has a crafting system designed to reward players for skillful and honorable play. We’ve all dealt with toxic players, and at times, we might have slipped into that behavior ourselves. The Hextech system is one way that Riot is trying to increase positive play, and potentially decrease toxicity (as well as encourage people to spend a little extra money).

This guide will teach you all you need to know about Key Fragments, Hextech Chests, how to get Hextech Keys, and how they all fit together!

Hextech Keys: The Basics

Look, I know the basics, but… okay, just in case, give them to me again.

how to get keys in league of legends

As you probably know, a Hextech Key is designed to open up a Hextech Chest or a Masterwork Chest in League of Legends.

Here’s how to get keys in League of Legends. You can:

  • Craft three Key Fragments together
  • Purchase a key from the store for 125 Riot Points
  • Get a random drop from inside a Chest
  • Gain a higher honor level

If you are really in need of a key, the easiest ways to get your fix is to head to the store and purchase them for 125 Riot Points, or about a $1 a pop. But, not everyone is made of money so let’s focus on how to earn Hextech Keys for free!

How to get key fragments in League of Legends

How did all these keys get broken?

How to get key fragments in league of legends

Key Fragments are given out as a reward in League of Legends for being an honorable player in the game. Although the exact drop rate is unique for each player, Riot says that you can earn up to 12 Key Fragments over the course of a month. (I have never got that many before, so your mileage may vary here.)

Honor level 3

At the end of each game, players get the opportunity to honor another player on their team with three different categories: Great Shotcalling, Stayed Cool, and GG <3.

It is not confirmed if this will add incrementally towards increasing your overall honor level or not. There seem to be conflicting reports; however, your honor level will increase gradually as long as you don’t get penalties placed on your account. Even if you don’t get recognized by your teammates, know you are still leveling up that honor for each day you play!

As you play games, Key Fragments will randomly drop as long as you are honor level two or above. Everyone starts at honor level two, so you will begin earning fragments right away! To see what honor level you are, click on your profile and check the bottom middle of the screen.

Fragments will drop randomly after you finish a game, when you log in, or after browsing the client for awhile. Once you have three fragments, put those bad boys together and you’ve got yourself a key!

Below is a list of the different ways Key Fragments can appear:

  • Random drops for well-mannered play
  • Champion capsule rewards at each Summoner Level after 5
  • Honor Capsules and Orbs
  • Hextech Chests will drop fragments
  • Event-related mission rewards 

How to get Hextech Keys faster

Yeah, but give me the secret. How do I really get them faster?

Now that you know how to get keys in League of Legends, you're probably wondering how you can get them faster.

I have some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is you can only get a maximum of 12 key fragments in a month from regular drops (probably less if we are we being honest). But there is another way!

As we said up above, you can get fragments and keys from mission rewards. For special events such as the Chinese new year, winter holidays, and summertime, Riot will release new skins, limited-time game modes, and missions. Missions are specific in-game achievements that give rewards such as…. keys and fragments! Keys earned from Missions don’t count toward your regular drop total, so make sure to knock out any missions you can when they’re available!

How Do I Get Hextech Chests?

Okay I got the keys, but... where are the boxes?

how to get hextech chests

Like we said up top, the crafting system is part honorable play and part skilled play. If you or a teammate in a pre-made group get a mastery rank of S- or higher, you will unlock a chest. You will only earn one chest from each Champion every season, and you must own the Champion you are playing to receive a chest. If you go into the collection menu, it will show you if you have already earned a chest for that Champion.

There are four chest slots per profile, meaning you can only unlock four chests at a time. Slots will replenish after seven days, but only one slot per day. So if you earn four chests in one day, your first slot will open on day seven, your second slot on day eight, and so on.

Chests are available through the store for 125 RP or about a dollar apiece. Buying chests does not count against chest slots, but you can only buy up to 25 chests per day. That said, you probably don’t need to buy so many, since you will get plenty through just playing the game.

How Do I Use Hextech Keys?

I was a really good kid and Santa brought me Key Fragments and chests. What’s next?!

Now that you know how to get keys in League of Legends (and key fragments), let’s talk about how to use them to open a Hextech or Masterwork chest.

To open up your crafting menu, click the little Hextech chest icon at the top right of the client.

In the bottom left of the screen, you can see the icons showing how many keys, chests, orange essence, and gemstones you have.

If you have multiple Key Fragments, click on the fragment icon underneath the materials section. Click the “forge” button that appears to make a Hextech key!

How to open a hextech chest

If you have both a key and a chest, click on chest that you want to open up. Then, you will get the option to open the chest and claim your rewards!

What Kind of Loot Can I Get?

So, what kind of cool stuff can I get?

Battleborn Kayle Hextech loot

Loot crates will contain a series of rewards. See the lists below to see what you can get from your Hextech Chests:

Guaranteed One of These:

  • Skin shard worth 1850 RP or less (57%)
  • Champion Shard worth 4800+ Blue Essence (25%)
  • Emote Permanent (10%)
  • Ward Skin Shard and 150 Orange Essence (11.5%)
  • Summoner Icon Permanent and 150 Orange Essence (3.5%)

Potential Bonus Drop:

  • Bonus Hextech Chest and Key (10%)
  • Gemstone (3.6%)

If you happen to receive or purchase Masterwork Chests, here are the rewards:

Guaranteed One of These:

  • Skin Shard (71.94%)
  • 525 Orange Essence (10%)
  • Emote Permanent (10%)
  • Ward Skin Shard and 150 Orange Essence (10%)

Potential Bonus Drop:

  • Bonus Hextech Chest and Key (10%)
  • Gemstone (3.6%)


Free stuff is great!

The crafting system in League of Legends allows players to obtain content for free that is otherwise locked behind a purchase. While you might not have total control to select the exact cosmetic items you want, it is a nice little incentive to stay positive in game.

It may be tempting to purchase a bunch of keys and chests to try to get that Ultra or Mythic skin you’ve been drooling over on the cheap — and you can do that! But now you also know how to get Hextech Keys for free. It’s always a fun surprise to unlock a free skin or champion.

Want to get better at League of Legends?

If you want to level up your play, head over to and check out the courses offered. Just make sure to stay positive and keep earning that loot!